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Day Program Case Study: Six weeks of knee reconditioning

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Jayne was a recent patient at Lakeview Private Hospital who had a knee replacement under Dr Roger Brighton.

Following surgery she started her rehabilitation as an inpatient before being discharged. She then continued her rehabilitation as a patient in our Day Program. This involved her having two sessions a week at Lakeview Private Rehabilitation during which time she continued to undertake physiotherapy, exercise physiology and hydrotherapy. Jayne’s rehabilitation essentially took six weeks; that being the time of her surgery to the time she was discharged from our Day Program.

Our Allied Health Manager, Kris Lukjanenko caught up with Jayne to find out a bit more about her experience at Lakeview Private Rehabilitation.

Kris: What brought you to Lakeview Private Hospital ?
Jayne: I was referred to Dr Brighton for my knee replacement. He operates at Lakeview Private Hospital

Kris: What did your therapy involve?
Jayne: As an inpatient it was physiotherapy twice daily for my knee. I was also reviewed by the occupational therapist to ensure I could do all those little tasks one takes for granted such as dressing and showering yourself. The nurses were always available 24/7 to ensure pain relief and any other care was available. In the day program I had:

  • Exercise physiology (An exercise based therapy which looks at the whole body. It also includes health and physical activity education, advice and support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change)
  • Physiotherapy (knee strengthening and range of movement exercises as well as gait retraining)
  • Hydrotherapy (water based exercises to further work on strength with the benefit of a buoyant and heated environment)

I was at the hospital for about 2 hours each time I attended the day program.

Kris: What aspects of the Day Program did you find particularly helpful for your recovery?
Jayne: An exercise sheet doesn’t give feedback on technique. The Day Program helped me to maintain my focus on exercise and ensure I wasn’t neglecting anything. It also helped me transition into normal life and increase my confidence whilst doing so.

Kris: You completed the inpatient and Day Program rehabilitation. How did they differ for you?
Jayne: As an inpatient I believe it helped me recover quicker. There was regular reinforcing feedback, therapies, education and pain management. As a day patient I was able to integrate rehabilitation into my daily activities. This helped me transition into normal life.

Kris: Do you have any words of wisdom for people considering a joint replacement and rehabilitation afterwards?
Jayne: You have one chance to get it right or 20-30 years to regret it.

Contact Details

If you would like to know more about Lakeview Private Hospitals Day Program for orthopaedic and reconditioning patients please contact Kris (Allied Health Manager) on (02) 8711 0244.

Lakeview Private has contracts with over 30 Health Funds and accepts referrals for the Day Program from GP’s and Specialists across Australia.

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