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Experience of Physio Students at Lakeview

Interview by Erin Chew

Lakeview Private Hospital values ongoing education for both its staff members and patients. It is known as a teaching hospital and has been taking allied health students on university clinical placements since 2017. I set out to interview two physiotherapy students from The University of Sydney – who are currently in their final year of the Master of Physiotherapy postgraduate degree – and have the opportunity to experience their very first clinical placement at Lakeview Private Hospital.

Physio Students at Lakeview

Erin: Welcome, guys! Seeing as this is your second degree, why did you choose to return to uni to study physiotherapy?

Andreas: I really enjoyed doing an exercise prescription and rehabilitation unit in my sports science undergraduate degree at uni which reaffirmed my passion to get into physiotherapy. I have also always enjoyed injury prevention and being involved in sports all my life, physiotherapy therefore allows me to continue to be involved in sports whilst doing something I’m passionate about.

Peter: I have been working in my current job for a long time and was looking for a change. I also have an interest in sports and participated in various sports over the years. This resulted in a number of trips to a physio, and my involvement this way led me to have an interest in the field.

Erin: Which field of physiotherapy do you aspire to work in?

Andreas: At the moment I aspire to work in private practice/sports physiotherapy as I enjoy working with patients with a variety of conditions or injuries that I may come across.

Peter: Mainly musculoskeletal work, potentially in private practice and hopefully sports related roles. I have found my involvement with inpatient rehab work quite interesting as well.

Erin: What sort of conditions did you encounter here at Lakeview?

Andreas Total knee replacements, total hip replacements, reverse total shoulder replacements, rotator cuff repairs, and ACL repairs.

Peter: Total knee replacements, total hip replacements, reverse total shoulder replacements, and ankle surgeries.

Erin: Being your very first clinical placement, were you nervous at the beginning of your placement? If yes, how long did it take for you to feel at ease?

Andreas: Yes, I was for the first few hours on my first day just because I didn’t know what to expect when being on placement, but after going through an orientation and being introduced to everyone, I felt at ease. Since then, every day I feel comfortable learning and being on placement here.

Peter: I was a little nervous about the new location, people and procedures I would face. I was also nervous about whether I would actually remember and be able to implement what I had been taught. It took a few days for the nerves to settle.

Erin: What are the 3 most important things you have learned from this placement?


  1. Educate patients on the reason why they are doing certain exercises.
  2. Collaborate with the multi-disciplinary team and with patients regarding their progress and updates.
  3. Look at the whole picture when assessing and treating a patient instead of having a micro view (i.e. taking a step back to look at a patient holistically).


  1. Involve patients in the process, don’t just tell them what to do.
  2.  Think about why each exercise or treatment is being used. Don’t just do what was done before.
  3. Time management. Ensuring time is managed between patients and required documentation.

Erin: What did you enjoy about your placement at Lakeview Private Hospital?

Learning how to treat patients with different orthopaedic surgeries. Participating in different aspects on placement such as going to case conferences, learning discharge planning, and conducting an education session. Working with the friendly and accommodating staff here.

The friendly staff and good learning environment.

Erin: How important do you think multidisciplinary input is in patient care in a rehabilitation setting?

Andreas: It is very important as it contributes to the patients all round care whist being in hospital. Different professionals of the allied health department play a role in helping each patient get back home safely.

Peter: Very. The difference for the patient is obvious when the multi-disciplinary team are liaising with each other to optimise patient care.

Erin: How did you find the hospital’s facilities as a physiotherapy student enabling you to provide high quality patient centred care?

Andreas: The facilities here have been great, with no issues experienced whilst being here. Everything is clean and organised which makes things easier for us when treating patients.

Peter: Excellent. Lots of space to work with plenty of required equipment.

Erin: What is your message to future physiotherapy students at Lakeview Private Hospital?

Andreas: Absorb and learn as much as you can, take on board constructive feedback from your clinical educator.

Peter: Enjoy yourself and ask questions if you need to, staff are all willing to help out.

Erin: What is the most memorable thing about your placement here?

Andreas: Being exposed to different orthopaedic patients here at the hospital and observing a total knee replacement surgery.

Peter: First real exposure to inpatient physiotherapy. Plus observing an actual total knee replacement surgery.

Both Andreas and Peter have done well on their placement here and we all wish them the very best in their future career.

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