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Non Scalpel Vasectomy now available at Lakeview Private Hospital

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Prof Howard Lau

Prof Howard Lau
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Urologist and Transplant Surgeon
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School of Medicine
Western Sydney University

Non Scalpel Vasectomy now available at Lakeview Private Hospital

Vasectomy remains the most secure and permanent form of contraception for couples who want permanent contraception. The procedure is safe and not associated with an increased risk of any chronic medical conditions. Patients should be counselled that this is a permanent contraceptive procedure and sterility cannot be achieved immediately due to the back log of sperm that needs to be cleared.

Generally pure sperm only represents two per cent of the total seminal fluid volume. Dividing the vas deferens, hence interrupting the passage of sperm, will not cause any macroscopic difference to the semen. It also has no hormonal effect and will not affect the patients’ sexual function.

Other than the permanent nature and delay in onset of sterility, the patient needs to be aware of the potential of delayed recanalization of the vas which occurs roughly about one per 1000 cases. The procedure can be performed either under general or local anaesthetic. Keeping the wound dry overnight, supportive underpants and the use of antiseptic cream on the incision site can assist recovery.

Non scalpel vasectomy or incisionless vasectomy involves a small skin puncture using a sharp tip forcep. An incision is not necessary. The vas is dissected free and lifted through the small puncture site where the vasectomy can be done and the vas is returned to the scrotal cavity. This technique was developed in the Chinese military and is now popular worldwide. It is suitable for both general and local anaesthetic procedures. Cosmetic results are generally very satisfactory.
Patients can return to simple exercise after two days. Follow up should include semen count at about three months. Until then the patients should consider themselves “dangerous”.

At Lakeview Private Hospital a non-scalpel vasectomy is available. Please refer to one of our attending surgeons.

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