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Santa’s Rehab Workshop!

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Patients at Lakeview Private Rehabilitation are enjoying some wonderful Christmas cheer and delightful decorations as the big day draws closer.

Our congratulations yet again to the wonderful Lakeview Private Rehabilitation team who continue to come up with refreshing ways to make the rehabilitation of our patients as inspiring as possible.

Well done for living the Lakeview ethos of Patients First team!

Day Program:

In June 2019 Lakeview Private Rehabilitation introduced a day rehabilitation program to complement our inpatient program. It was an initiative that we had been planning for a long while, largely due to patient demand, but also because it provides that continuity of care that we’re so proud of. Indeed, the Lakeview Private Rehabilitation Day Program is all about our philosophy of Patients First as it enables us to ensure that a patient has been rehabilitated to the best of their ability following surgery.

“Our Day Program has been designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of patients who don’t require an inpatient stay but do need ongoing therapy to ensure that they restore function and regain their quality of life,” says Kris Lukjanenko, Allied Health Manager at Lakeview Private Rehabilitation.

“The program aims to rehabilitate patients who have had surgery or illness in Lakeview Private Hospital or any other hospital for that matter. Having been referred to us by their GP or specialist an appointment is then scheduled with one of our rehabilitation physicians who reviews their condition and establishes realistic goals that the patient can achieve”.

The new Day Program Gym

A patient’s program will invariably involve scheduled sessions each time they attend with the appropriate therapists. “Our team of allied health professionals ensure a patient’s rehabilitation is holistic, patient centred and goal driven so they can get back to what matters most, living life to its fullest,” continues Kris Lukjanenko. “Our team includes rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, social workers and dietitians. The program caters for orthopaedic and reconditioning patients whilst some of the conditions we regularly rehabilitate include joint replacements, fractures, other orthopaedic surgeries and patients requiring reconditioning following illness or surgery.”

Coinciding with the launch of the Day Program back in June 2019, Lakeview Private Rehabilitation opened a dedicated gym specifically for the patients complete with all the exercise equipment to meet patients goals including exercise bikes, treadmills, parallel bars, steps and weights.

Contracts with over 30 Health Funds

Lakeview Private Hospital has contracts with over 30 health funds including DVA. We also treat CTP and Workers Compensation patients. If you have any questions about your eligibility please call our day program ward clerk on (02) 87110251 or Allied Health Manager on (02) 87110294.

Contact Details

Lakeview Private Rehabilitation
Day Program Ward Clerk: (02) 8711 0251
Allied Health Manager: (02) 8711 0294

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