Santa’s Rehab Workshop!

Patients at Lakeview Private Rehabilitation are enjoying some wonderful Christmas cheer and delightful decorations as the big day draws closer. Our congratulations yet again to the wonderful [...]

Preventing Back Pain

The prevention of low back pain is a goal we all strive for everyday as it can be so limiting causing us to take sick days, reduce social interactions and increase our reliance on pharmacological [...]

Reacher & Sock Aid

A reacher is an extension to your arm which assists in grabbing out of reach objects. It has a ‘trigger’ end which the user squeezes to close the ‘jaw’ of the reacher. A reacher can be used to [...]

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr Kalman Piper is a highly experienced, Sydney based, orthopaedic surgeon who can offer a complete range of treatment options for all upper limb conditions. He has a subspecialty interest in [...]