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Instability of the Ankle – GP Education Article

  An ankle that feels loose or weak, and is prone to “giving way”, is defined as being unstable. Instability is most commonly the result of having torn one or more ligaments on the outside (lateral aspect) of the ankle. However, it can also result from torn or weak peroneal tendons, or deformity, when the […]

New Day Program Rehabilitation services on offer

Due to the growing popularity of our Rehabilitation Day Programs, we are excited to announce the opening of our brand new gym this week, to cater for the demand. This expansion allows us to better accommodate our patients, being twice the size of the previous one, and provide them with a comfortable and conducive environment […]

Update on Metabolic Disease and treatment pathways – GP Education Event

Lakeview Private Hospital and Circle of Care will be hosting a GP Education Event on the 1st August 2023. This event is to educate GP’s in the latest in metabolic conditions and their management options, as well as obesity management in this context.

Celebrating our 100,000th patient!

The internet is awash with anecdotes of the dilemma that is commonly referred to as “leaky gut”. With the proposed solutions to this problem ranging from simple dietary manipulations and supplementation to strict elimination protocols, this has largely been the territory of alternative or complementary health professionals.

April Falls Month… better balance, better well-being

The internet is awash with anecdotes of the dilemma that is commonly referred to as “leaky gut”. With the proposed solutions to this problem ranging from simple dietary manipulations and supplementation to strict elimination protocols, this has largely been the territory of alternative or complementary health professionals.

Dr Michael Devadas Earns Accreditation as Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Michael Devadas has recently achieved accreditation as a Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), an internationally recognised patient safety organisation.

Understanding the gut’s role in disease: Why this is one of the most exciting times in medicine

The internet is awash with anecdotes of the dilemma that is commonly referred to as “leaky gut”. With the proposed solutions to this problem ranging from simple dietary manipulations and supplementation to strict elimination protocols, this has largely been the territory of alternative or complementary health professionals.

Santa’s Rehab Workshop!

Patients at Lakeview Private Rehabilitation are enjoying some wonderful Christmas cheer and delightful decorations as the big day draws closer. Our congratulations yet again to the wonderful Lakeview Private Rehabilitation team who continue to come up with refreshing ways to make the rehabilitation of our patients as inspiring as possible.

Preventing Back Pain

The prevention of low back pain is a goal we all strive for everyday as it can be so limiting causing us to take sick days, reduce social interactions and increase our reliance on pharmacological agents. 60% of Australia’s general population will experience low back pain in their lifetime.

Reacher & Sock Aid

A reacher is an extension to your arm which assists in grabbing out of reach objects. It has a ‘trigger’ end which the user squeezes to close the ‘jaw’ of the reacher. A reacher can be used to reachand pick up items in high and low places and can also assist with lower limb dressings amongst other uses.

Treating achalasia & dysmotility disorders

Dr Farzan Bahin is a gastrointestinal endoscopy specialist. Well known in his field for his research efforts, science publications, and efforts to keep up with the latest patient-care improvements, Dr. Bahin is passionate about improving healthcare quality in the community. His strong academic background includes extensive publications, peer review of journals and participation in numerous research trials.

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr Kalman Piper is a highly experienced, Sydney based, orthopaedic surgeon who can offer a complete range of treatment options for all upper limb conditions. He has a subspecialty interest in shoulder surgery and has advanced training in arthroscopic surgery. Here, he takes us through The Rotator Cuff, how it is diagnosed, treated and repaired.

Learning how to optimise patient care

I set out to interview two physiotherapy students from The University of Sydney – who are currently in their final year of the Master of Physiotherapy postgraduate degree – and have the opportunity to experience their very first clinical placement at Lakeview Private Hospital.

Day Program Case Study: Six weeks of knee reconditioning

Jayne was a recent patient at Lakeview Private Hospital who had a knee replacement under Dr Roger Brighton. Following surgery she started her rehabilitation as an inpatient before being discharged. She then continued her rehabilitation as a patient in our Day Program.

Lakeview Private Rehabilitation Day Program

In June 2019 Lakeview Private Rehabilitation introduced a day rehabilitation program to complement our inpatient program. It was an initiative that we had been planning for a long while, largely due to patient demand, but also because it provides that continuity of care that we’re so proud of.

Events & Information Evenings

The past few weeks have seen Lakeview Private host a diverse range of events and welcome guests from a variety of sectors across the industry.

Employee of the Month

We are delighted to announce that Mark in Lakeview Private Rehabilitation is our latest recipient. Mark joins a number of other team members this year who we are so happy to call part of the Lakeview Private family.

Hallux Rigidus surgery

How Hallux Rigidus, the form of degenerative arthritis in the big toe (first metatarsal phalangeal joint), can progress to the point where surgery is the only solution for eliminating or reducing pain.

Orthopaedic Surgery: Preparing for your return home

How some careful planning along with a stay in Lakeview Private Rehabilitation can ensure that patients enjoy a smooth return to life at home after surgery.

Admission & Theatre Bookings Information sessions

The Lakeview Private Administration Department recently hosted two invaluable information sessions for all the secretaries and support staff of the specialists who operate at Lakeview Private.

Orthopaedic Surgery – Preparing for admission & discharge

At Lakeview Private Hospital we have always appreciated that it is not just a case of ensuring that a patient is properly prepared for their admission to hospital but that the entire process is as smooth as possible from admission, through surgery, to their return home.


It may be a fun pun, but it is a serious business, and the afternoon saw a number of attendees enjoy fascinating talks on how to prevent falls and assist everyone in the community to stay ‘fall free’.

Treating Arthritis with Hydrotherapy

Lakeview Private Hospital’s purpose built state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility is blessed with one of the most impressive Hydrotherapy pools in Australasia. But what exactly is hydrotherapy?

Bariatrics Going Forward

Dr Michael Devadas reviews the misconceptions regarding weight loss and metabolic surgery and the guidelines that the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery have published.

Lakeview Private – Employee of the Month

Lakeview Private is delighted to announce that our employee of the month for February was awarded to Kristine Valdez.

Seniors Events – “Falls Prevention” and “Treating Arthritis with Hydrotherapy”

The start of February once again saw the Hills Shire run a series of special senior’s events throughout the district. Lakeview Private once again supported the week by opening its doors to the senior’s community and offering some special education and exercise sessions.

Lakeview Private Rehabilitation

Over the past few years Lakeview Private Rehabilitation has gained an unrivalled reputation as one of the most advanced rehabilitation facilities in Australia.

7 things you need to know about Rhinoplasty

So a patient is considering having a rhinoplasty, colloquially known as a nose job. What are the most important things that they need to know before proceeding with surgery?

Successful pain relief following total knee replacement

Dr Bu Balalla explains how surgeons and anaesthetists at Lakeview Private have been working closely together to introduce the latest best-practice analgesic techniques.

Employee of the Month – February 2019

We are delighted to announce that Kristine – Lakeview Private Surgical Ward is our latest recipient. Kristine joins a number of other team members this year who we are so happy to call part of the Lakeview Private family.

Rotator cuff tears – natural history and surgical indications

Understanding the natural history of rotator cuff tears is helpful in developing treatment algorithms. Rotator cuff pathology is the most common cause of shoulder disability and becomes more prevalent with age.

The ground-breaking initiative that is enhancing implant performance

Lakeview Private has for the last six months been part of a Pilot project being run by the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR).

Lakeview Private now offer expedited gallstone surgery services

Often symptomatic gallstones cause recurrent pain leading to periods of inability to maintain performance at work before surgery can be accessed. Typically, an attack presents as epigastric or right upper quadrant pain after a meal and may radiate around to the back.

The Disease that 150,000 Australians are unaware they may have

It is estimated that there are 300,000 Australians living with glaucoma but up to 50% are undiagnosed. In developing countries meanwhile, it is estimated that as many as 90% of glaucoma cases are undiagnosed.

Lakeview Private Hospital recognised for its impressive culture

November saw Lakeview Private Hospital complete its 2018 accreditation review with Global Mark against the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards. Lakeview Private passed over 250 criteria, with only 3 small opportunities identified for improvement.

Orthopaedic Associates

Based out of Lakeview Private Hospital in Norwest, Orthopaedic Associates comprises 15 of Sydney’s leading orthopaedic specialists who treat general orthopaedic and sports medicine conditions using the latest technology and treatment options.

A/Prof Elisabeth Elder appointed President of ASBD

Lakeside Private Hospital is delighted to announce that A/Prof Elisabeth Elder was recently appointed President of The Australasian Society for Breast Disease (ASBD)

Australia welcomes a new name in world-class multi-disciplinary private healthcare

Since opening in 2015, Lakeview Private Hospital has gained a reputation as a world-class multidisciplinary private hospital providing care and facilities that go way beyond surgical care and include rehabilitation suites, specialist consulting suites, radiology and pathology services.

The HOTS Line (The Hills Orthopaedic Trauma Service)

The Hills Orthopaedic Trauma Service (HOTS) which originally began in the 1980’s and has been dormant for quite a while has been re-activated for a three month trial.

The backbone of Lakeview Private Hospital … the Lakeview Private Hospital Administration team

It is often said that the Administration department is the backbone of any organization. An effective Administration Department doesn’t just provide the link between an organization’s departments, it ensures the smooth running of the day to day operations as well as the crucial flow of information from one part to the other.

Circle of Care celebrates 15 years of Bariatric Surgery

Dr Roy Brancatisano and his team at Circle of Care are celebrating their 15th year of helping patients transform their lives through a caring approach to weight loss surgery. The dedicated team at Circle of Care have treated over 6,000 patients and are renowned for achieving outstanding world class results.

What happens when a patient requests a mastopexy (breast lift)?

So I hear you saying that you wish that you could have your physical attributes back again now that you’re in your thirties or forties and having had the two or three kids whom were generously breast fed for six months to a year and occasionally longer.

Dr Naveen Somia appointed President of ASAPS

Lakeview Private Hospital is delighted to announce that Dr Naveen Somia was recently appointed President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).
Established in 1977, ASAPS has been one of the peak bodies for cosmetic surgery in Australia and New Zealand for the past 41 years.

A big thank you from Zimbabwe

The clinic is located approximately 100 kms outside of Harare and is part of a major project undertaken by the Chegutu Rural District Council and the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care to convert former farm houses into clinics.

A day in the life of…

Mark Magallones has been Nurse Unit Manager at Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation since 2017. Here, we discover how the Lakeview Private Hospital philosophy of “Patients Firsts” has fulfilled everything that he ever wanted from Nursing…

Colorectal lesions and cancer screening

Despite being a mostly preventable malignancy, Australia has one of the highest rates of colorectal cancer (CRC) worldwide. One in 13 Australians develop CRC in their lifetime, making it the second most common cause of cancer related death in Australia.

Pioneering “firsts” in Bariatric Surgery

Michael was instrumental in setting up the pioneering Public Bariatric Programme at Blacktown Hospital and services patients across Sydney West and Nepean Blue Mountains catchments.

Facelifts: Art & Science

Our face is perhaps the most inextricable sense of “self”. It is the canvas on which our life story is most vividly played out. In time, it comes to bear the blemishes of environment, life style or simply the passage of days inside out.

The UK’s #1 National Threat

The Specialist Colorectal Group at Lakeview Private Hospital have started a Randomised Clinical Trial (RCT) to study the need (or not) for antibiotics in the management of uncomplicated diverticulitis. This is a double blinded RCT administered through our affiliations with Westmead Hospital and Sydney University and in conjunction with Auckland University Hospital, New Zealand.

The Fat Disease that nobody knows about

With popular culture promoting the beauty ideal as a slim figure, people are under enormous pressure to conform to this ideal. Women, who don’t fit the ideal often feel a sense of shame and insecurity.

Lakeview Private Hospital Seniors Events “sell-out”

To coincide with the Hills Shire Seniors Week, Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation ran two very special events – a “Falls Prevention” morning and an afternoon showing the benefits of “Treating Arthritis with Hydrotherapy”.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is a highly effective treatment of hip arthritis. Despite this, there is still a recovery period of 6-8 weeks during which the patient loses some of his/her independence. Restrictions during this period include driving, sitting on a low seat, and bending forward (e.g., to reach the foot or put on shoes and socks).

Centenarian Isobel has her eyesight restored

When Isobel arrived at Lakeview Private Hospital for her eye surgery last month she was greeted at Lakeview Private Hospital Admission with a big bunch of flowers from the staff. At the time of her admission, 100 year old Isobel was almost totally deaf and blind.

Lakeview Private Hospital NUMs joins NSW Nursing & Midwifery Unit Managers’ Society Conference

Showing ongoing commitment to best practice patient care, Lakeview Private Hospital Surgical NUM, Ravi Ramiah, and Rehab NUM, Mark Magallones, recently attended the Nursing & Midwifery Unit Managers’ Society NSW Annual Conference in Sydney.

Test? What test? Imaging of the Injured Foot and Ankle made simple

Exposed to an ever-more-sophisticated arsenal of readily-available diagnostic tools, it’s tempting for the acute care doctor to reach for his referral pad and pass diagnostic decision-making responsibilities over to his friendly radiologist!

Total knee replacement surgery FAQs

Knee replacement is an elective procedure. I am not in the habit of convincing patients to have surgery; every surgery has risk. The time to have the procedure is when you are convinced it’s necessary.

Give your patients access to the best Rehabilitation facilities in Western Sydney

Providing orthopaedic and reconditioning inpatient and outpatient services, Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation boasts a fully equipped gym, a large hydrotherapy pool, and the combined expertise of the best medical professionals – all set in a peaceful, modern environment.

Non Scalpel Vasectomy now available at Lakeview Private Hospital

Vasectomy remains the most secure and permanent form of contraception for couples who want permanent contraception.

Blocked Nose in Children

Most children won’t know they have a blocked nose! Usually, the child’s parents don’t realise, because they just assume it is normal for some children to mouth-breathe. However, mouth-breathing in children is NOT normal!

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Part 1 Ulcerative Colitis

Almost 75,000 Australians (one in 250 aged 5-40) are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It is projected that 100,000 Australians will be affected by 2022.

When is it time to Consider Obesity (Bariatric) Surgery for your Patient?

If your patient has been unsuccessful losing weight through medical and conservative means, is suffering from the ill-effects of obesity, and meets the criteria on BMI grounds, then an informed discussion about the pros and cons of surgery should be considered.

Diet and the gut microbiome

Microbial colonization of the human gut begins at birth. The infant’s intestines are sterile or contain a very low level of microbes at birth, but the gut is quickly colonized during and after delivery.

Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation patient treks Kokoda Track

When Peter Milne’s son was a teenager he promised him they would walk the Kokoda Track together. This goal, however seemed to fade due to a torn acetabular labrum cartilage in his left hip which caused a severely worn hip joint.

Newly accredited doctors at Lakeview Private Hospital

Dr Warren Chan is a Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist with a special interest in endometriosis. He performs IVF procedures at Monash IVF and Westmead Fertility Centre.

Advances in treatment for rectal cancer

Sydney Norwest Gastroenterology, located at Lakeview Private Hospital, has acquired a FibroScan 530 – the latest liver elastography device that in many cases replaces invasive liver biopsies and gives the most reliable and up-to-date liver stiffness (fibrosis) and CAP (steatosis) readings.

Non-invasive, risk-free, painless liver FibroScan now available at Sydney Norwest Gastroenterology

Sydney Norwest Gastroenterology, located at Lakeview Private Hospital, has acquired a FibroScan 530 – the latest liver elastography device that in many cases replaces invasive liver biopsies and gives the most reliable and up-to-date liver stiffness (fibrosis) and CAP (steatosis) readings.

The ART of Fertility Treatment

The science of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) is an incredibly important part of the process. Over the years the science has expanded and to keep up with it requires a very large team of dedicated personnel.

In the time I have been practising fertility and reproductive medicine we have gone from transferring three embryos at the day two cleavage stage with

Advances in technology and early rehabilitation enhance recovery for total hip replacement patients

Sydney Norwest Gastroenterology, located at Lakeview Private Hospital, has acquired a FibroScan 530 – the latest liver elastography device that in many cases replaces invasive liver biopsies and gives the most reliable and up-to-date liver stiffness (fibrosis) and CAP (steatosis) readings.

Lakeview Private Hospital welcomes specialists from Castle Hill Day Surgery

Medical specialists from Castle Hill Day Surgery (CHDS) have transferred to Lakeview Private Hospital following the closure of the highly regarded facility in November 2016.

What’s New in Breast Surgery

As would naturally be expected there have been many advances made in all areas of general surgery over the past decade. This era of rapid expansion, however is almost unparalleled in the now recognised subspecialty of breast surgery, commonly referred to as Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (OPBS)…

Coeliac Disease in 2016: a shared care between GPs and Gastroenterologists

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune mediated disorder of the small bowel, precipitated by gluten exposure in genetically predisposed individuals1. It is characterised by an inappropriate immune response to dietary gluten with chronic inflammation and damage of the small bowel mucosa leading to bowel symptoms and nutrient deficiencies. Although classically thought of […]

Latest Prostate Equipment to Benefit Patients

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men and the second most common cause of cancer related death. Diagnosis and treatment is constantly evolving and there have been several refinements in this area. In this article we discuss the new prostate biopsy equipment…

What GPs need to know about skin cancer

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. We ask Dr Laniewski, leading Lakeview Private Hospital plastic surgeon, what GPs need to know. What advice should GPs be giving their patients? GPs should encourage patients to avoid excessive sun exposure during peak periods and to wear at least a 30+ sunscreen every day on areas […]

The Hospital Built by Doctors

Sydney’s Lakeview Private Hospital is owned and operated wholly by 46 medical specialists, 43 of whom are specialist surgeons. We have set out from the very beginning to focus on patients and the delivery of quality care. If we get that right, the rest will follow. The full article as published in the Australian Hospital […]

The fine art of rhinoplasty surgery

Lakeview Private Hospital rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Shahidi, has lost count of the number of rhinoplasties he has performed. “It is in the thousands!” he says. Rhinoplasty is surgery designed to reshape the nose with the aim of improving the nose aesthetically and to correct any breathing problems. According to Dr Shahidi “Despite being one of the most […]

Lakeview Private Hospital helps elite baseball player realise his dream

Elite college baseball player Luke Wilkins was pitching for the Sydney Blue Sox as part of the Australian Baseball League when he felt a sharp pain in his elbow. With his sights set on playing in the upcoming season in the United States, Luke feared the worst. “I felt it go and I knew then […]

Big–hearted volunteers wanted

Lakeview Private Hospital is currently recruiting volunteers to join our newly established team. With a deep commitment to the philosophy of Patients First, Lakeview Private Hospital seeks to create an exceptional and seamless patient experience. We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic volunteers who can live out this philosophy by assisting patients. Some of the duties include […]

Lakeview Private Hospital specialist takes orthopaedic expertise to India

Lakeview Private Hospital orthopaedic surgeon Dr Kalman Piper recently travelled to India to meet with surgeons, share his specialist knowledge and perform live shoulder surgery demonstrations. Dr Piper was invited by DePuy Synthes, one of the world’s largest orthopaedic device companies. He travelled to four cities in India to pass on the arthroscopic shoulder surgery techniques he […]

Spotlight on Lakeview Private Hospital Surgeon

Dr Stening is an orthopaedic surgeon with a particular interest in anterior minimally invasive hip and computer assisted knee replacement surgery. After graduating, he completed fellowships in hip and knee arthroplasty in Australia and in paediatric orthopaedics in the United States. Dr Stening has been in clinical practice since 1999, and is a founding doctor at Lakeview Private […]

Lakeview Private Hospital welcomes medical students from Western Sydney University

The first group of medical students was welcomed to Lakeview Private Hospital in February to train at our outstanding facility under the instruction of leading surgeons and anaesthetists. “We are very proud to open the doors of our modern patient-focused facility to the next generation of medical professionals, and let them experience an environment where […]

Wisdom for times of transition

The Lakeview Private Hospital officially launched today, designed and run by 48 specialist doctors. The hospital is the creation of a group of professionals at a day surgery clinic in Castle Hill, who decided to set up a larger scale hospital for specialist surgery in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Ruth Miller, head of nursing at the new hospital, said making the […]