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Mark Magallones

Mark Magallones

Nurse Unit Manager, Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation

Mark Magallones has been Nurse Unit Manager at Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation since 2017. Here, we discover how the Lakeview Private Hospital philosophy of Patients First has fulfilled everything that he ever wanted from Nursing.

Be Medicine Wise Week Celebration 2018

Be Medicinewise Week Celebration 2018

Staff Rewards and Recognition 2017

Staff Rewards and Recognition 2017

Christmas Party 2017

Christmas Party 2017

Why and how did you enter Nursing?

“The decision was largely influenced by my mother. I grew up in the Philippines and she wanted me to go into a health related industry rather than end up in a corporate career. I subsequently went to the University of Santo Tomas in Manila and got my bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, ironically, since there were no nursing jobs locally, I found myself going into the banking industry and worked in a sales and marketing management role with Citibank in Manila for over 3 years.
Eventually however I managed to secure a job as a bedside nurse in a hospital in the Philippines and then moved to Australia where I did my post-bachelors study at the University of Ballarat. Following this, I got a job as a registered nurse in a rehab hospital in Hornsby where I progressed to a Clinical Nurse Specialist and finishing as a Nurse Unit Manager.”

So when and why did you come to Lakeview Private Hospital?

“I came to Lakeview Private Hospital shortly after we opened in 2015 having secured my previous role as an Associate- Nurse Unit Manager in the Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation unit. It was a dream job. I knew Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation offered orthopaedic and reconditioning inpatient and outpatient services but had no idea about the quality of our state of the art equipment, the wonderful hydrotherapy pool and spa, and how the medical professionals were literally hand-picked. The moment I saw the facility I knew I simply had to work here.

The rooms are excellent as well. We have 36 rooms and patients often comment that it’s like staying in a hotel. What appealed to me most though was the compassion. It’s something I believe is down to Lakeview Private Hospital being Doctor owned and managed. I immediately saw that the management team at Lakeview Private Hospital truly believed in their “Patient First” philosophy. Something that was typified by the high staff to patient ratio. Previously I had been in environments were the nurse:patient ratio simply wasn’t safe. Here, at Lakeview Private Hospital we have a safe staff:patient ratio in compliance with the nurses’ union and NSW health recommendations”

What exactly is your role?

“Essentially I have to ensure the safety of the patients by implementing leadership and management intervention. This will involve managing staff, creating quality improvement projects and ensuring patient satisfaction at all times. Currently, I manage 40 team members – both permanent and casual.”

What do you love most about your role?

“I love the sense of team work and family that we have at Lakeview Private Hospital. It’s all down to the management support. I’m allowed to work autonomously and am trusted to work the way I feel best which in turn allows me to empower our staff. It’s a fabulous positive environment which allows us all to be innovative. In my previous roles, the main focus was on budgets, removing services and cutting costs which was not only demoralising but worrying as well. The other wonderful thing at Lakeview Private Hospital is that the management are always open to ideas and new ways that we can improve efficiencies and deliver a more rewarding experiences for our Patients.”

What other things do you find rewarding at Lakeview Private Hospital?

“There’s a good sense of working together and flexibility. Nurses are encouraged to take breaks on time and more often than not the duration of shifts is very reasonable. Management also try to manage rosters and fit in with staff’s needs. It makes for a good work / life balance.”

So what do you do in your “down” time?

“I love cooking and reading. Specifically self-improvement books. I have a significant interest on professional development and image consultancy”

What would you do if your “numbers came up”?

“I imagine I’d take a month off and travel to Europe for a few weeks. Chances are though that I wouldn’t give up work. I love what I do and would miss the environment, the team, and dare I say, the patients.”

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