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Australia welcomes a new name in world-class multi-disciplinary private healthcare

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Lakeview Private Hospital – stunning views overs the waters of Norwest Lake

Abseilers erecting the new signage on Lakeview Private Hospital

Last week saw a team of abseilers putting the final signage up on the exterior walls of Lakeview Private Hospital.

Since opening in 2015, Lakeview Private Hospital has gained a reputation as a world-class multidisciplinary private hospital providing care and facilities that go way beyond surgical care and include rehabilitation suites, specialist consulting suites, radiology and pathology services. In addition, we provide regular CPD Educational Events for GPs.

The philosophy of ‘Patients First’ guided every aspect of the planning and construction process, and in June 2015 Lakeview Private Hospital opened as a world-class multidisciplinary private hospital that sets a new standard in patient-focused health care.

The philosophy of Patients First underpins each and every decision made by our medical professionals, managers and staff at Lakeview Private Hospital. What is best for the patient is at the heart of all what we do.

“From the outset, the vision of Lakeview Private Hospital’s founding doctors was to design and operate a hospital where the philosophy of ‘Patients First’ is instilled from the ground up.”

State-of-the-art equipment, impressively large operating theatres, outstanding rehabilitation facilities and a comprehensive network of integrated services mean our specialist doctors and health personnel are working in an environment where they can perform at their very best.

Compassionate and highly skilled care coupled with integrated facilities – such as on-site specialist consulting suites, radiology and pathology – make for an exceptional, convenient and seamless patient experience.

The beautiful, contemporary environment has been carefully designed to play a healing role for patients and their visitors.

As a RACGP accredited training facility, Lakeview Private Hospital delivers quality Continued Professional Development (CPD) programs assisting GPs and other medical professionals to deliver the best service to their patients.

Lakeview Private Hospital… State-of-the-art equipment… Impressively large operating theatres… Specialist doctors… Outstanding rehabilitation facilities… And one of the finest hydrotherapy pools in Australia

Lakeview Private Hospital marks an exciting new era in the delivery of health services for Sydney’s fast growing Norwest region. We are proud to welcome you to our facility and let you experience a new standard in patient-focused health care.

Lakeview Private Hospital was opened by Australian of the Year 2006, Professor Ian Frazer, inventor of the first vaccine designed to prevent a cancer.

Best regards,
Lakeview Private Hospital Board and Management Team


Rosemary McDonald, General Manager


James Croll, Marketing Managerr

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