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Employee of the Month – February 2019

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Lakeview Private is blessed with numerous employees who day after day do us proud and who live and breathe our philosophy of Patients First.

It’s always a joy at the end of each month to present our Employee of the Month certificate and acknowledge a particular individual’s efforts and show our appreciation.

We are delighted to announce that Kristine – Lakeview Private Surgical Ward is our latest recipient. Kristine joins a number of other team members this year who we are so happy to call part of the Lakeview Private family

Kristine Employees of the month

Kristine – Lakeview Private Surgical Ward
February 2019

February saw the lovely Kristine being acknowledged as our employee of the month. Kristine is a registered nurse on the Surgical Ward. She was nominated by patients, families and her colleagues for her unwavering positive attitude and willingness to always go above and beyond for her patients and their families. Always ready with a smile she is a wonderful team member who is greatly appreciated not only by her team on the surgical ward but the entire hospital.

Congratulations Kristine! We are so happy you are part of the Lakeview Private family.

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