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The past few weeks have seen Lakeview Private host a diverse range of events and welcome guests from a variety of sectors across the industry.

Our events have provided invaluable information via fascinating presentations by our specialists which have kept the industry informed of the latest techniques across dentistry, orthopaedics, as well as colorectal surgery and gastroenterology.

Latest techniques in colorectal surgery & gastroenterology

Saturday, August 3rd 2019
Hosted by the Lakeview Private colorectal & gastroenterology teams

This invaluable event was hosted by the colorectal surgery and gastroenterology teams at Lakeview Private. The event provided an insight into the latest learnings and techniques available and covered such topics as an update on IBD, the use of fibros cans to assess liver disease, and learnings as to how to optimise the human diet.

Understanding the ACL and the Patellofemoral Joint

Monday, 1st July 2019
Hosted by Dr Buddhika Balalla

Over 30 Physios in the Hills Shire and surrounding areas attended this invaluable insight into the ACL and the patellofemoral joint. The evening was hosted by Dr Buddhika Balalla, an Australian-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in all aspects of knee surgery including arthroscopic (key-hole) surgery, ACL and other ligament reconstruction, partial (uni-knee) and total knee replacement, revision knee replacement and computer assisted surgery. Presentations included a detailed case studies of ACL injuries and the patellofemoral joint and left attendees well-equipped to diagnose and clearly knowing when to refer.

Hills Shire Community Event

Hip & Knee Surgery – what to expect before, during & after surgery
Presenters Dr John Fox & Dr Roger Brighton

This special evening saw Lakeview Private host many local residents and other members of the Hills Shire community. We were particularly delighted to welcome members of many of the neighbouring Probus groups as well as Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne.

Our presenters, Dr John Fox and Dr Roger Brighton delivered fascinating presentations on what to expect from joint surgery. Dr Fox also provided an invaluable insight into arthritis, whilst visitors also benefitted from a tour of the Lakeview Private Rehabilitation facilities including the hydrotherapy pool.

Latest techniques in Dental Surgery

Wednesday, July 10th 2019
Hosted by Australian Dental Specialists and Wisdom Teeth Centre

This invaluable evening for dental specialists and GP’s provided those attending with an essential insight into the latest learnings and techniques in dentistry. Hosted by dental specialists from Australian Dental Specialists and Wisdom Teeth Centre, the evening included invaluable presentations on local anaesthetics, endodontic equipment, as well as surgical considerations for implant placement.

The presenting specialists included Dr Steven Parker from The Wisdom Teeth Centre as well as Dr Varayini Yoganathan, Dr Jeremy Vo and Dr Daniel Tan of Australian Dental Specialists.

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