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Lakeview Private Hospital Seniors Events “sell-out”

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Lakeview Private Hospital Seniors Events
Lakeview Private Hospital Seniors Events

To coincide with the Hills Shire Seniors Week, Lakeview Private Hospital Rehabilitation ran two very special events – a “Falls Prevention” morning and an afternoon showing the benefits of “Treating Arthritis with Hydrotherapy”.

Falls Prevention

The “Falls Prevention” morning had been designed to educate those who suffer from falling over (or have concerns about the risk) and for those who care for them. The morning was held at the superb Rehabilitation Centre at Lakeview Private Hospital by the centre’s Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

“We designed the morning to talk people through the essential things they need to be aware of both at home and in residential care facilities,” explained Kris Lukjanenko, Lakeview Private Hospital Allied Health Manager. “We deliberately kept each group size to just 8 people to ensure the morning was both personal and practical enabling our Physiotherapists to work with those attending on a 1-2-1 basis. This meant that we could attend to people individually and take each of them through important things such as simple standing and movement exercises. It was incredibly well received.
The morning also covered advice on ideal equipment that one should have access to. It also addressed how life both at home and at one’s care facility can be simplified as well as advice on exercises to reduce risks.”

Arthritis & Hydrotherapy Treatment

The Arthritis event proved just as beneficial and well-received. The range of benefits Hydrotherapy can provide for those suffering from arthritis is far-reaching and the session provided those attending with a wonderful opportunity to experience them at first hand.

“The Lakeview Private Hospital state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy Pool is regarded as one of the finest in Australia,” continues Lukjanenko. “During the class our Physiotherapists were able to show those attending how hydrotherapy exercise greatly reduces stress on the affected joints, improves the physical functioning of affected joints, and stimulates the immune system. They also explained the best exercises for specific conditions before people were able to take to the pool and put them to practice.”

Feedback after the events has been over whelming with a significant number of attendees expressing interest in further and ongoing classes as well as the types of surgery and rehabilitation available at Lakeview Private Hospital. Lakeview Private Hospital is now looking into the feasibility of running events on a regular basis.

“We were particularly eager to engage the community and increase their awareness of the magnificent Rehabilitation Facility we have here at Lakeview Private Hospital,” explains Lukjanenko. “Falls are a big problem in the community with more than 50% of people over the age of 80 falling at least once per year. Through education, weight-bearing strengthening and balance exercises the risk of falls can be significantly reduced. Hydrotherapy can be very beneficial for patients needing low impact exercise due to joint pain. Our inpatient rehabilitation patients love it following joint replacements and it is equally as effective for those looking to control arthritic symptoms.”

“Ultimately as health care professionals we are here to serve the community and to help enhance the quality of life of those who need it. The enthusiasm from the participants was hugely rewarding for the allied health team involved. All of the management team here at Lakeview Private Hospital really want to express our thanks to Amali and Aimee from the Allied Health team as well as all the attendees for making the events such a success.”

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