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Orthopaedic Surgery: Preparing for your return home

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Sarah Milne explains how some careful planning along with a stay in Lakeview Private Rehabilitation can ensure that you enjoy a smooth return to life at home after surgery.

At Lakeview Private Hospital we not only like to ensure that a patient is properly prepared for their admission to hospital but also make sure that their return home is as smooth as possible. The key to the whole process from admission to a patient’s return home is good planning along with the best specialist care.

At Lakeview Private our pre-admission and discharge processes provide invaluable advice and assistance to patients so that we can work closely together to ensure their return to life at home is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Understanding the impact of your surgery

In the first instance, patients should consider the surgery they are having, their expected length of stay away from home, and the impact the surgery will have on their mobility. In this regard, it is essential that they talk at length to their surgeon.

Being aware of the length of time you are likely to be away from home will enable patients to plan and make sure essential chores are taken care of. Invariably this might mean calling on the help of friends and family and allocating certain tasks be it pet care, gardening, or even ensuring the fridge is stocked and that there are suitable provisions for one’s return home. Thinking things through well in advance, planning how things will be maintained and taken care of will enable you to ensure that your home environment is ready for you once you are discharged.

With regards to mobility, patients and carers need to be fully aware as to how restricted their movements will be and what aids may be required at home to cater for this.  Again the advice of one’s surgeon is invaluable. He or she may advise that a walking aid, a shower chair or even a toileting aid is neccessary. Lakeview Private Hospital has always had a policy of focussing on patient’s needs and in this regard items such as crutches and walking sticks are available for purchase, whilst the hire or purchase of larger items such as walking frames, shower chairs and toileting aids can be organised by the allied health team.  For a short hospital stay considering the hiring of any equipment before admission and booking it in advance can minimise any delays when discharged.

If mobility is expected to be compromised on discharge, a patient and carer needs to consider how his or her home environment can be made as safe as possible. Thought needs to be given to removing trip hazards, how one might be able to initially live on one level, as well as considering safety during activities of daily living such as showering and toileting. Since mobility might make movement around the kitchen awkward, it is even worthwhile preparing some meals in advance so that they are available in the first days following discharge.  “My Aged Care” self-referrals can be made prior to hospital admission to assist with domestic and household tasks on discharge.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Lakeview Private Rehabilitation: Care and understanding from specialist staff

With the above in mind, a stay in Lakeview Private Rehabilitation following surgery is invaluable. Under the guidance of our specialist staff recovering patients are able to come to terms with whatever restrictions they might have following surgery under the caring and understanding guidance of our specialist rehabilitation team. During their stay confidence visibly grows as they learn how to best move and adapt, and essentially how to ensure that their return to life at home is as smooth and safe as possible.

Stays in Lakeview Private Hospital are available to orthopaedic and reconditioning rehabilitation patients who can consider the option both before surgery and while in the acute hospital setting.

In addition to planning in advance, attention to detail also helps ensure a smooth return to life at home. For instance, it helps if patients bring their usual day time clothes for rehabilitation. You might find that certain items of clothing are unsuitable for certain movements, whilst being in one’s day to day clothes helps prepare your mindset for your home environment and immediate surroundings.

Rehabilitation at Lakeview Private Hospital can also include hydrotherapy in the heated hydrotherapy pool so if this is a possibility you should also pack your swimmers.  Patients are also encouraged to bring their usual walking aids so that therapists can review these and work with you to use them efficiently.

Consideration also needs to be given to any expected driving restrictions post-surgery.  Again it is worth planning in advance and ensuring that friends and family are available to assist in the immediate days post-surgery. If they are not, community transport can invariably be organised.  In this regard, you can refer to “My Aged Care” or the Social Workers at Lakeview Private Hospital who can assist with the process.

During a stay at Lakeview Private Hospital you will have access to a team of allied health professionals who are more than willing to ensure your discharge home is a safe one. Therapists are able to provide a wealth of knowledge and discharge information including equipment suppliers to make your life as easy as possible.

Sarah Milne – Lakeview Private Rehabilitation


Lakeview Private Rehabilitation offers orthopaedic and reconditioning inpatient and outpatient services with the very latest in equipment, a hydrotherapy pool and spa, and the combined expertise of the best of medical professionals.

My Aged Care can provide short-term care and support services at home for a set period of time following surgery. There are different types of short-term care depending on your needs, but all aim to help you with day-to-day tasks and either restore or maintain your independence.

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