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Seniors Events – “Falls Prevention” and “Treating Arthritis with Hydrotherapy”

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Kris Lukjanenko
Manager, Lakeview Rehabilitation

The start of February once again saw the Hills Shire run a series of special senior’s events throughout the district. Lakeview Private once again supported the week by opening its doors to the senior’s community and offering some special education and exercise sessions.

It was the second year we had run these sessions. Due to the demand for the events last year we once again chose to put together some educational programs designed around treating arthritis with hydrotherapy as well as a number of falls prevention classes. Both arthritis and falls are very prevalent in Australia.

Proofing your environment

3.85 million Australians are arthritis sufferers and approximately 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall at least once per year.Fortunately these problems can be managed and multimodal treatment is the best way to keep arthritis under control and the risk of falls low.

Our arthritis education sessions focussed on the most common types of arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout), causes and treatments.Falls prevention education looked at future proofing your own environment ie: reducing clutter, securing rugs, adequate lighting as well as medical conditions and medication that increase the risk of falls.

Exercise is key

Exercise makes up a huge component of treatment for both of these problems. Low load repetitive movements such as exercising in a hydrotherapy pool as well as walking and cycling ultimately keep your joints lubricated, your muscles strong and your joints under low stress. Everyone has their own limit as to how much is the right amount but generally if your joints are swelling or aching afterwards you may have overdone it.

Falls prevention exercises require you to be in standing and challenging your balance. This forces the muscles to work in coordination together, better preparing them to react if you are put off balance. Falls prevention programs exist in the community and you will find there is a growing interest and amount of evidence supporting Tai Chi as well.

Our senior’s week programs were an undoubted success and visitors expressed how they felt better informed about these issues and how to best manage them.

Lakeview Private Hospital looks forward to continuing to support the community with the knowledge and skills to maintain an active lifestyle.

Referral for Seniors

Referrals for Lakeview Rehabilitation are welcome from specialist consultants, rehabilitation physicians, GP’s and other hospitals.

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